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Нello, in touch with you Doctor Blog, thank you for being with us ) #29# How to make a medical blog popular!

If you’re reading this, then you’ve proved that blogs are a good way to get people’s attention.
We posted recently about why blogs are important to help grow your medical practice. A research study by Pew found that 72% of internet users were “online health seekers”- that is, they searched the web for some type of healthcare information.
A blog will not only help you be found (by showing up more often in search results) but will help you show your expertise as a healthcare provider: PwC found that 61% of consumers trust online health information that is shared by a doctor, and your blog is an opportunity for you to share your knowledge.
By now you know that the best time to start a blog is now, but how exactly can you blog most effectively? Here are some tips to writing a good blog post that will help grow your medical practice.
Have a good title. When people search for information, the first bit they’ll see in the midst of the Google results is the title of your blog. Keep it short and sweet- Wired Impact suggests keeping your blog title to 70 characters or less so that the entire title will come up in Google search results.
You want people to see your title and click through to read the blog post, so be sure to tell them what they’re getting. The title of this post is “How to Write a Good Blog Post for Your Medical Practice”, and that’s exactly what you’ll get out of reading it. Numbers are also a great way to draw people in, like we did in our post “Top Five Facebook Tips For Doctors”. Another option is to ask a question in the title, which you then answer in the body of your post: “How often should I blog to grow my medical practice?”.
Stay on track. Writing each blog post about a single topic will help keep your readers’ attention as they read a post. If someone finds your post by searching for tips on healthy eating, they’ll lose interest if you start talking about seasonal allergies.
On that note, don’t make it too long. We try to keep our blog posts around 500 words. Some experts say blogs should be shorter and some say they should be longer, but if you’re keeping each post focused on one topic, just make sure it’s long enough to give readers the information they were looking for but not so long that you’ll lose their attention.
Include a Call-To-Action. You’re blogging because you want to grow your medical practice, right? So give your readers a way to continue the conversation after reading your blog post. While the end goal of course is to get them to make an appointment, you want to give readers other options for continuing the conversation and giving you their information, such as by offering a download of an e-book. You can also give readers an option to sign up for your email list or subscribe to your blog to receive updates.
Speaking of calls-to-action… if you’d like even more information on how to make your medical practice blog even better, be sure to download our free e-book below!
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