And what about Covid-19 in India?

India, against the backdrop of the wealthy US and EU, looks really good.

Well, it is also interesting to look at the age pyramids of these countries, because,
as you know, the majority of deaths occur in older people.

Which of these pictures and graphs can you draw conclusions?

Conclusion 1st. And most importantly, it is quite obvious that young people do not suffer from Covid in any way.
This can be seen in all data for all countries. If someone under the age of 65 dies allegedly from
Covid-19, then in 95% of cases there were some serious health problems before Covid.
And India, as a country with a young population, demonstrates this very clearly.

Conclusion 2. No “social distancing”, quarantine measures, etc. non-medical
the measures have no effect on mortality. Otherwise, India would not have had time to burn the corpses of the dead.
But there are no reports that firewood is running out in India. But despite the fact
that there are relatively few old people there, but in absolute numbers there are a huge number of them.

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